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The LCN bus has been used in projects of all magnitudes since 1992 and has proved to be a sophisticated and reliable control technology which exceeds all other systems in respect to intelligence, flexibility, range, immunity to interference and installation friendliness.
This is characterised by the small amount of installation work required and the fact that only one free electrical cable is required which means a four core cable can be used throughout the system. LCN also does not require an expensive central bus master as each of the bus modules has its own ‘intelligence’ in the form of a highly developed microprocessor.

ZigBee radio control is used in systems where there is no additional data or control line available or installed. The system allows radio contact between devices over distances up to 100mtrs and extended by the same distance from device to device, thereby potentially creating a large and varied lighting system for many applications. This radio control is compatible with the ZigBee Home Automation Profile, which means that third party systems that comply with this standard can be easily integrated, guaranteeing that actuators, switches, pushbuttons and sensors of other manufacturers can be utilised.

DALI has been specifically conceived for the room specific control of building automation systems (BMS) and the main focus is on comfortable control of light. Bega control DALI is based on the EN 62386 standard and is compatible with third party DALI products, thereby easily integrating with actuators and sensors from other manufacturers. The DALI system requires its own power supply comprising of two cables for each DALI line, each of which can be up to 300mtrs in length and have the ability to control 64 DALI addresses. Each module can then be individually and permanently programmed for control tasks and be immediately ready for use even after a power failure.