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CSi (Control Specialist Installations Ltd.) have been appointed as the only accredited Bega UK control specialists. 

We have had engineers attend Bega in Menden for control system and software training and we are now happy and privileged to be the accredited Bega UK control specialists and have the ability to commission any Bega site to whatever level required when works and controls are completed. As such, we are there to compliment Bega UK by way of being the final link of the complete package from supply to sign off.

You can now have the confidence to assure your clients that by instructing us to complete and commission their installation, the total solution is available if flexible lighting control is what is required. Static lighting scenes, variable programming, colour co-ordinated visual displays, motion and light sensitive switching, energy saving auto dimming and fade in/out controls using tablet or phone controls and the like are all possible with the Bega control systems and this can be a highly effective solution in many circumstances.

CSi is obviously more geared towards the Bega controls with the Bega products, but are able to integrate Bega fittings with other systems should it be necessary, however, the ideal scenario, is to work with totally new installs and get the controlled lighting on the Bega LCN, Zigbee or DALI systems and cabling wherever possible.

From smaller installations where internet, routers and wifi setup is required, to the larger install where the wifi needs to be integrated into an existing system, we have the necessary IT expertise available to manage the configurations needed to produce the perfect end product. Any forms of copper data or fibre optic cabling and terminations are also within our everyday working practices, so we have the full range of skills required for any situation.

The CSi Group can also offer additional services in that we have NICEIC approved contractors for full installation works from the ground upwards, so should you or your clients require the full installation service after initial concept and/or design, we are there to help. Likewise, if you or they have their own contractors, we can be there after the cabling has been done to connect everything up, or we can just be there to configure the software and commission the site.

Basically, we can adapt our services to what anyone wants or needs to get to a final conclusion for the customer.

Whilst the controls and administration side of the CSi group is based in Surrey, we can operate nationally by agreement and any electrical installation works can also be easily accommodated nationally. Throughout our almost 60 years of trading (since 1956) we have gathered a wealth of experienced, qualified associations throughout the country which gives the necessary coverage to all and sundry. The controls team can operate on site when needed, but moreover, with the correct equipment installed and a wifi connection, they can operate remotely quite easily to reconfigure or adjust things and identify most problems should they occur.

Therefore, if we can be of any assistance on any project that you might have now, or in the future, we would be delighted to offer our services, specifically for Bega lighting controls, but together with general installation of any electrical, data or fibre optic cabling required.